Purchasing a domain? Read this before deciding

purchasing a domain

Purchasing a domain is an important stage of establishing your online presence. Choosing the right one is important not only for you but for your target audience and search engines as well.

What is a domain?

People cannot remember IP addresses for every website and they do not know what websites have the things they are looking for. That’s why you need a domain name. A domain name, or a ‘domain’, is the web address people can type into their browsers’ URL bars to visit your site. The domain is a unique name that identifies your site and represents your business online.

A domain contributes more to a website. It helps to share your business with the right audience according to your niche through SEO.

purchasing a domain

That’s why you need to think more than twice when purchasing a domain as it is like the face of your business. So, read this before your purchase. There are 4 main tasks for purchasing a domain.

  • Choosing a domain name
  • Deciding the TLD
  • Finding a domain registrar
  • Negotiating with their terms & policies

What should you be mindful of when choosing a domain name?

A good domain name must be memorable and search engine friendly. On the other hand, it must be relevant and concise. That means, your domain should be able to give an idea about your business or niche.

You should consider your target audience when choosing a domain name Availability of short lengthened domains are decreasing. But it does not mean you can use a long-phrase as your domain name. It must be easily remembered and related to your business.

If you think using a word misspelled to make it unique, you are wrong. It might work as a brand name, but not for a domain name. People do not search misspelled words or even they do, they are corrected by search engines.

  • Whether the domain similar to an existing domain
  • Try to avoid words that have more than one spelling
  • Check If Domain is Blacklisted By Google
  • Copyright And Trademark Check

Having a domain similar to an already existing domain can reduce the traffic. Make sure you check the copyright and trademark as a precaution for legal issues that can occur.

It is possible that there are sites who have domains with different spelling for the same word as yours. So it would be better if you can avoid using words that have more than one spellings. 

Finding a domain registrar

Deciding on the domain registrar is the most critical step of purchasing a domain. If you don’t find the wrong one, all of your efforts will go down the drain. There are some points you need to keep in mind regarding registrars.

But before that, you need to know who is a registrar. A domain registrar is a company that reserves a specific name online. You should go for domains that are ICANN certified as there might be illegitimate sellers.

Now, the following are the things you should be attentive to when finding a domain registrar.

  • Domain registrars who offer privacy protection for free
  • Whether there is a possibility of charging hidden fees
  • make sure that the domain name is registered under your name, not theirs.
purchasing a domain

Go through the Terms & Policies thoroughly if you do not want to get duped by scammers. There you can find where and what for you need to pay and how much you should pay. And also you need to make sure you have the ownership of the domain, not the seller. If not, you will have to face sudden charges, overtaking the site or worst, wrong accusations for fraud or scamming or huge losses. You need to make them guarantee that they will not sell your data and will protect your information from public records.

Do not forget to check the renewal cost. It is very important to have an idea about the duration and fees you need to pay for ongoing service. Sometimes you can see some low cost services need you to pay additional fees such as for WHOIS registration, privacy protection or domain transfer.

One more important thing you need to consider when purchasing a domain is to verify that the domain registrar is available and responsive whenever you get into some trouble or need their consultation.

purchasing a domain

TLD (Top Level Domain)

A TLD is the highest level in domain name hierarchy and it is the last part of a domain name. Some of the most used and highly recommended TLDs are .com, .org and .net. TLDs can be varied according to the country, type of the business or organization. There are several kinds of TLDs grouped according to the content, number of characters, managing registrars, etc.

How to choose the right TLD?

TLD as .com may be the best for more occasions but the availability is not that high. There might be a TLD that can represent your brand and niche better and can make your site stand out. If you are targeting only the local market, you better go with ‘.lk’. But if you have plans for a global market you should consider choosing a TLD related to your niche or .com. If you are an organization that offers various kinds of services you can choose ‘.org’.


You can use a gTLD if you mind a little risk. gTLD is a kind of TLD that directly gives out your profession or the niche. As an example, if your service is related to architecture, the gTLD would be .archi. This kind of TLD is more associated with the business. Hence the possibility of showing up on top search results is higher. But considering the fact that people hesitate when they notice that the domain is not familiar or common, you will be at a disadvantage. Not many are aware of other TLDs besides .com. So, that is also a disadvantage of using an uncommon TLD.

The best choice is to have a TLD that is known by majority of people.

More than anything, you should know what kind of host you need. Do not end up paying more than it is worth or less than you should have.

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